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 Diary Room Entry #4 (Final DR)

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Patrick Kuby


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PostSubject: Diary Room Entry #4 (Final DR)   Tue Mar 04, 2014 5:33 pm

Considering how flawless of a game I've played since coming back... I really wish I would have documented my master plan (as it has gone down exactly how I drew it up).

I am (in my mind) 100% guaranteed Final 2, and while I may not win, making at least Final 2 is 1 of 5 goals I've had since coming to the IMDb games board. Prior to this game, I've accomplished 3 of my 5 goals, and the list is as followed:

1. Do not get evicted first.

2. Make Jury.

3. Make Final 4.

4. Make Final 2.

5. Win a game.

...then ride off into the sunset.

Since I came back, I have doubted I can win this game. However, I've purposefully made too many enemies (Skyler, Marco, Pete, Huell) for either of the other 2 left in the game to not take me. In this game I had fun, stirred up a ton of shit, bold face lied to sooooo many people... I'm the big winner here. Nothing left to do but try and get that Final HOH and make sure I have my spot in the Final 2, answer some silly questions, and bask in the fact that I have officially made it further than I have ever made it in a game before.

With all that said... here is one last clip from Bill Burr (trashing/verbally destroying 10,000 people for 10+min for booing/heckling him):

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Diary Room Entry #4 (Final DR)
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