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'I am the one who knocks.'
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 Power of Veto #10

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Patrick Kuby


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PostSubject: Power of Veto #10   Wed Feb 26, 2014 9:37 pm

1- "I hate everything"-- Tuco _ Salamanca
2- "I suppose it would have racial undertones if I called Tuco, Taco"-- Marco Salamanca
3- "me and skyler are a pair and both agree this is all stupid"-- Lydia_Rodarte-Quayle
4- " So I doubt I've got a shot... C'est LA vie"-- Hank Schrader
5- "I will be ruthless, devious and potentially a challenge whore <3."-- Skyler White

Forum Questions

1- How many posts in the Host Private Section? 27
2- How many posts total between every diary rooms? 222
3- How many posts total between all private rooms? 280
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Power of Veto #10
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