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 The Pilot Episodes

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Walter White

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PostSubject: The Pilot Episodes   Sun Feb 23, 2014 9:48 am

Thank you for helping out and judging. These are long so I really appreciate it.

You will be reading different Pilot Episodes created by some of the players in order to win the Power of Veto. Here are the rules they had to follow.


- You must submit in your Diary Room
- You must have a title for your show
- You must have a cast including a minimum of 5 characters
- You must assign an actor/actress to your characters
- You must provide a picture for you cast members
- You must write the pilot episode (It can have dialogue or not, I just want to get a clear picture of what will happen in the pilot from start to finish)
- You must write a separate paragraph describing the general idea for the rest of the season

This is what I want you to consider when judging


PM me your scores

- Give a score out of 10 for the story itself (Would you watch it after the pilot)
- Give a score out of 10 for effort
- Give a score out of 10 for creativity

So you should be giving me 3 scores out of 10 for a total of 30 possible points per judge.

Big thanks again
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Walter White

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PostSubject: Re: The Pilot Episodes   Sun Feb 23, 2014 9:51 am

Episode #1

Title: It's a New Breed


Katie Holmes –
Kara Brown – Therapist /Transitional Housing Program Director.
Recent graduate, having obtained her degree she was given the title and responsibility of program director. However, she's been working with clients for a while. Always excited to help the underdog, she was anxious to bring in nontraditional therapeutic models in her group therapy sessions.

Moon Bloodgood –
Tara Henning - Co Worker - although she's more seasoned than Kara, they click and are close friends. They have the same values and are both compassionate in the work that they do.

Chi McBride -
William Gray - Director of ABC Counseling Agency.
Often finds himself mentoring and serves as a father figure to a lot of the staff.

Dominic West -
Sr. Therapist of counseling agency. Has been with the agency since its inception.

Felicia Pearson -
Long time intermittent client of counseling agency. Has had several arrests and is mandated to attend counseling.

* All employees, including the director, are in recovery from AOD (alcohol and other drugs).

The season’s pilot begins with:

Kara standing on the next to a long building and at the end of the building is a very large gate. She draws in a deep breath as she rolls her shoulders back, and begins to walk.
She reminds herself (out loud) to look straight ahead, and hold your head high.

"Hey bitch come over her and let put my.... "Keep walking" she says to herself, "just keep walking.". The flow of vulgarities almost seem to be pelleting her being as she keeps her eyes on the big tall gate. Just for a second the camera's angle makes the gate look further than it was before.
"Whore" "White filthy b...." The pellets keep shooting...As she continued to walk she holds tightly onto her brief case, as if it would suddenly turn into a shield if something came flying at her.
This would be impossible because there were no open windows at the County Prison. The only weapons these prisoners had were the words they were using to assault her.
As she nears the end of the building, with one quick motion she swings her arm from her elbow and displays the well-known sign of one finger. "I'm leaving, you're staying", she whispers.

At the gate, there are sheriff cars with lights rolling. A man walks to meet her. "ID please". She realizes that her other hand had been holding tightly onto the plastic coated ID that hung around her neck. She said to him, as he wrote the information down, "Four hours in lockdown isn't how I planned to spend my afternoon. Luckily I had some paperwork to keep me busy." "What was your purpose, in there?" He asked. Not because he needed the reason but out of curiosity. "I was doing interviews for transitional housing. I'm the director for the woman's program." He walked toward the button that would finally free her. "Yeah? I've heard those places are doing a pretty good job. At least it gets the addicts out of here to make room for the real criminals. Hell, if they want to kill themselves with that crap, let em!" The gate began its job, to set her free.

She hurried through them to her car that would take her back to her office. She wondered if they knew where she had been all this time, "They probably didn't even realize I was gone".


Sitting in a circle, in a large room with yellow walls that have seen their better days are 14 women. They are of various ages and various races, but all with the same commonality, they were drug addicts. They are talking and joking with each other, like they didn’t have a care in the world. They knew that tone would change soon.
Kara stands next to a portable recorder. “Okay everybody! “, she raises her voice to be heard. She dims the lights. “Okay, you might want to get comfortable for this one. Take your chairs and move them back. Get on the floor and just try to relax. Everything she requests from them has a specific reason. She knows that by getting them down to the ground, this will help them get closer to their true being.
She turns the recorder on. The new age music begins to set the mood. She begins the guided meditation session with a relaxation exercise. “Take your awareness and center it on your shoulders….tighten your shoulders and hold.” Her voice is low and what seems to be unison with the music. “Tighten, tighten, and relax…. Allow all the tension to fall away from your shoulders.” She has this all written down and is holding a paper as if she were reading from it. She’s done this exercise many times before and doesn’t need the paper anymore. Her attention is on the group. She watches each individual. She knows their histories. She knows their issues.

She glances over to other papers she has lying on a long table.
She sees a few highlighted names with the word “initial” beside them. A smile comes across Kara’s face, thinking of Tara her co-worker.


Tara explains, “Within the first week of treatment, you must identify what issues the client will need to work on. You will put the issue here and the plan of action here. The plan can be anything that will help your client come to acceptance and at peace with her issue.”
Continuing to point to the different slots of the paper, “ You’ll have them identify the results here.” Tara looks intently at Kara, “ You have to be specific in time frames and the amount of times you want them to do the action. For instance, Tara will attend three NA meetings per week for the next four weeks.
Then, when you update the treatment plan, you will either extend the action or write it as completed. Got it?”
Tara straightens up. She stretches her back, revealing its length. She is quite tall and next to Kara’s small frame, Kara becomes almost dwarfed, next to her new co-worker. Tara is beautiful and she reminds Kara of her sister.
*Which, she will share with Tara at a later episode.
“Then, you both sign it and give a copy to the client.”


“Tense, tense, and release.” She begins to walk around, stepping over bodies as some of the women, have chosen to lay down.
“Okay, Kara says softly, “I want you to give yourself permission to be the open to your time here. I want you to allow yourself to trust….the process. And right now, I want you to go back. Go back to a time when you were innocent. Go back to a time when you were pure. Think of yourself as the child you once were. Think of the innocent little girl, that was trusting. Remember a time when you were innocent of any wrong doing. Remember a time when you were safe. Let your mind take you…let it take you back….to that time…the time of innocence a time of safety.”
Kara watches as the women begin to react to their process in the session. Tears begin to fall, all except for one of her new clients, Tasha. Her face is almost of stone.

Kara’s goal was accomplished. She knows in order to build them she has to take them down, to relieve them of all their defenses. Then to arm them with social skills, tools of recovery and help give them hope for a new life.

When the session is over, Tara pops into the room as the clients are leaving. They begin to talk indiscriminately, and Tasha walks up to them and breaks into the conversation. “You know, Miss Kara, when you said to think back to a time of innocence?” the client shuffles from one foot to the other. “Well, I never had a time like that. My mother sold me out to men to get her fixes from the time I can remember.” Then Tasha walks out of the room like nothing just happened.
Tara and Kara look at each other. Walking toward the door, Tara shrugs her shoulders, and says, “It’s a new breed.”

Are you aware they are taking one of your girls out of the house in handcuffs?
Kara is off of her seat in a flash, because they are all “her girls”. Even though, her standards of professionalism are high, she cares about the women, and is protective of them and their time with her as a therapist. She is also is protective of the houses she has just become director of.
Kara looks across the street where one of the houses is located. She sees Tasha walking with her hands in cuffs behind her back.
Kara begins to run toward the car.
Just as she gets to the car, the officer with his hand on top of Tasha’s head helps Tasha into the car. The last thing you see is Tasha’s eyes looking up at Kara.

Kara walks back to the office. On the steps is the men’s house director. He takes a long drag from his cigarette, “Yeah, seems your gal and my guy had a deal going down and got caught! They found the money and drugs in the car they were in. Your little girl there got out and ran to the house.”

“Well, she’s a drug addict, what do they expect? She hasn’t had treatment yet.”

Next you see the director of the agency walking in the door, “How was your lunch, boss?” says the receptionist.
Kara walks up to the man she respects almost like a father figure. “You mind if I go up to the prison this afternoon? I want to do some interviews, we have a couple openings in the house, wanna keep em filled if we want to get that funding!” She smiles weakly.
“Ah um”, he says with a toothpick in his mouth. He knows and she knows the real reason she’s going to the prison. She’s found her “special one”. There’s always that challenge, the one that no one things will make it. Kara wants to help that underdog.


As Kara gathers her brief case and names of the two women she is to interview, she says, “Okay girl, you can’t be in there long, you have work to do back at the office.” She looks at the names. “Melanie Jones and Rachel Hunt”, she reads aloud.
She walks to the gate and prepares herself for the long hike past the building. She sees the guard, and prepares to show him her ID. “You’ve come at a good time miss. They are all in the courtyard.” She smiles and says, “Well, that’s some good news!”
As she enters the building, she prepares herself for the search. Because she is a professional with a local agency, the search is not extensive. “May I have the names of the prisoners you’d like to see?” asks the officer behind a glass patrician. “Yes, Kara answers. “I’m here to see Sasha Knight”.









This is a true story. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Keep watching as this season unfolds, revealing many other addictions such as gambling, sex addiction, food addiction and codependency. Several guest stars are scheduled. However, due to contractual constraints it is prohibited to reveal who they are further than one week in advance. The story will also introduce more staff and clients.
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Walter White

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PostSubject: Re: The Pilot Episodes   Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:06 am

Episode #2

Title: MasterCook

Over the seasons of similar shows, we've met a lot of contestants that can cook. The past winners have demonstrated an incredible versatilely in the kitchen, combining time-management and skill to prepare the best dishes possible. This season, we've decided to put our cooks to the ultimate test on a whole different level. We know North America can cook food, but this year, we ask a whole new question: Can they cook crystal meth?

In today's pilot we'll introduce the judges and see how our first contestant fairs against these experts. For those of you wondering, I'm your host Lavell Crawford And I'll be narrating the events alllll season long baby. Now, let's not waste any time! Time to meet the judges.

JUDGE #1: Bryan Cranston

"I learned a thing or two about making meth on set, and I'm going to put THESE contestants to the test"

JUDGE #2: Rob Ford

"I'm not confirming or denying the fact I've smoked meth, crack, or any of that sh*t before tonight. Get these f*cking cameras away from me"

Judge #3: of course, Gordon Ramsay

"It's not MasterChef or cook or anything without me and I will put these chefs to the ULTIMATE test"

And there you have it. The judges and I have travelled across the continent, from province to state, finding the best cooks. These men and women cook meth regularly on top of their regular everyday jobs. Of these hundreds of people auditioning, we're taking only a handful to form the top 16. After weeks of gruelling tasks, eventually only one will stand. This man or woman will be THIS year's MasterCook. The winner takes home 100 000 dollars, your own high quality meth lab and, the prestigious title of MasterCook. The judges have chosen 15/16 of the cooks. Will tonight's cook take that final place?

Tonight's contestant: Toronto resident Justin Bieber

Justin: Hey, you all probably know me. I figured I can do just about anything you know? This is for all my Beliebers out there. I love you all.
Lavell: Don't you think this might be a bad idea, Justin?
Justin: Na, I don't make bad decisions man, I'm perfect, I know what's good.
Lavell: Alright Justin, go in and show the judges what you've made,

Bryan: All right Justin, what have you made for us today?
Justin: Well bryan, I've put a little spin on typical meth adding some gold
Gordon: The first step in making drugs is to NEVER put metal in there, what were you thinking Justin?
Justin: Never say never.
All 3 judges: .......
Rob: What the f*ck are you waiting for? Let me try this.

Lavell: Now Justin will bring his meth to the judges and wait for the verdict.

*All three judges take turns taking hits from a meth pipe*

Bryan: Well justin, I'm impressed. This isn't Heisenberg level but it definitely gives you a rush. i think that with a bit of training you could do some damage in this competition. You have potential. It's a yes for me.


Justin: Whatever dude

Rob: Honestly kid, I'm so high I don't even know what that felt like. Don't f*cking quote me on that. But since you're from Toronto, I'll say yes.

Justin: Are you from Toronto or something too?

3 Judges: ...

Justin: Thanks for beliebing in the guys

Bryan: I take back what i said, it's a no.

Lavell: And with that, Justin goes home empty-handed. NEXT WEEK, the top 16 will be completed and they officially head down to Mexico for the next round. Here, they will cook in the MasterCook lab and make meth edibles. Only one will be left standing after it's all done. This is MasterCook!

Anyway ya the rest will play out like masterchef or any other reality tv show.
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Walter White

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PostSubject: Re: The Pilot Episodes   Sun Feb 23, 2014 11:04 am

Episode #3

Title: District Street
Taglines: - Most streets have a secret
- Leaving for the bad

STORYLINE: Later losing his job, Luke Carr moves in with his sister, Maria Carr, who lives in District Street. although it loos like a normal street, it is filled with supernatural neighbours. Luke is even surprised to learn his sister is a powerful witch. Ottis, a supernatural, known as being one of the big bads in town, uses Luke's skills to help him sell and make SP, a drug that hides the supernatural from being exposed by a secret company called HUNT, who are a threat to supernatural beings. The drug also can make the supernatural stronger. Luke as no choice n the matter, with Ottis watching and having a hold of Maria, Luke does the work, whist trying to find a way to get rid of Ottis and saving his sister with help from a hunter.




LOOKS: Normal bud, Dirty blonde hair. Clean shaved. He likes wear jeans ad plain T- Shirts.
Personality: Luke is a nice guy. He has a good sense of humour. He can lose his cool if put under pressure. He is close to his sister so would do anything keep her safe. He hates people who know they can use people. He is also not fan of alcohol unless it is beer. He can't stand tofu, which Marie loves.
Played by Jensen Ackles.
Mini Bio: Luke has a older sister Marie. They were close as children. Their parents we both office workers. Luke was a popular student, unlike Maria. He was a Ladie's man, but he was also into school and would turn up on time. He went on to do mechanical work before taking a job in Ohio. For the past 5 years, he was fine and had a girlfriend. things didn't work out and they split. He lost his job due to cuts. Unable to find find work, he moved in with his sister to try find work.



LOOKS: Maria has brown hair, blue eyes. She wears long dresses and likes light colour dresses.

Played by Jennifer Love Hewitt.
PERSONILTY:  Maria is usually quiet, compared to her Brother. She isn't outspoken and doesn't like to start arguments She doesn't eat meat, but since Luke does, she buys it. She dislikes mean people.
Mini Bio: Maria got the music gene from her Mother. Her Mother saw she was growing up like she did, she told Marie when he was 15. At first, she felt different, but as she learnt to control and do spells, she liked being a witch. Her mother didn't want Luke to know as she felt he would not understand. Marie didn't like not telling Luke, but she didn't want him to feel like he had to keep I to himself. Marie uses her magic for good. She left for District street, where her Aunt lived, who was also a witch, to learn more. She lives in her Aunts house. She works at the local hospital.  Her Aunt left, no reason why. Marie knew it was to do with Ottis.

DANA WHITEMORE, 24 (Code name: GALE)


LOOKS: Dana is a tomboy. She tends to dress how se feels. She doesn't like to wear dresses but will do if needed. She has long, brown hair. She is also normal built. She can be sarcastic at times. She also has a tough act, he needs it for her work. She s a soft spot as well Whenever her family is brought up, she gets mad and loses her cool.

Played by Kat Dennings.
MINI BIO: Not much is knowing but he family are hunters, of the Supernatural. She was trained at a young age. They can smell/sense non humans out. Vampires usually can sense them, unless they are able to block it out, Which Dana can do. Her Father went for a job, near District street. He didn't come back. Dana decided to do research to find out what happened. During an attack, a vampire told her about District street and how he last saw him there. Dana decided to move there under the name Gale Richards, so they would not connect her to her Father. The SP Drug also makes it harder for her, due to it making the supernatural stronger and blending in with the Humans.

NAEME: OTTIS, Over 500 years.


LOOKS: Ottis has a pretty boy look about him. He likes to dress smartly and looks charming. He grins a lot too.

Luke Macfarlane
PERSONALITY: He likes to be top dog, in fact, he is. He has nothing good. He is evil. Laughs at anything bad. He also doesn't care for his workers, just get a new one he says. though he is a man of his word. He has a soft spot for Maria, but still won't put her over  his business. He made SP,, but isn't one to brag, ha! He hates HUNT and is well aware of them. He doesn't care for them.
MINI BIO: Nothing is known of Ottis, only that he is over 500 years and is, so far, one of the known strongest creatures. It is also not known what he is. Though he shows the built of a vampire, strength of a warewol and Magic of a wiccan. He is known for creating the drug SP, reason, unknown, yet.



LOOKS: Rudy is African American,. She wears colourful clothes, usually long gowns. She has one blue eye and one Green eye.

Played by Danai Gurira.
PERSONALITY: Rudy is not one to take about her life, in fact, no one really knows her. She is insightful, full of wisdom and know a lot about different types of creatures. She usually looks serious and doesn't seem to show emotions. She is friendly to Marie as she knew her Aunt.
MINI BIO: She has lived at District Street for years. Marie's Aunt was a good friend of hers. Rudy owes the Magic shop in town. Although it usually looks dusty and dark, she gets costumers, not usually human ones. She is an experienced Witch and now helps Marie out too. She and Ottis have a history together, no one knows why. She and Ottis do not get on, but, Ottis still goes to see her.


LOOKS: He has a swimmer's body and a handsome face. Blonde hair and Blue eyes.

Played by Colton Haynes
MINI BIO: Tommy is the newest member of HUNT, A secret force that deal with the supernatural beings. Tommy's Father is also a member which is how Tommy got a job. His Father works in the higher offices, while Tommy is one of the front line members, goes out on the streets. Although he is not ready to do everything yet, until his supervisor, Linda, says so.


LOOKS: Smart looking business women with a tough side. She has long brown hair.

Played by Mary-Louise Parker.
PERSONALITY: Strict and all about her work, Linda takes no crap. She rarely jokes about her work and knows how important it is. She lies to keep her work and life separate, although she sometimes can't help bring her work home.
MINI BIO: Her family were taken by vampires when she was 10 She was brought up by he Fathers friend, also known as Tommy's father. Linda was one of the first people Tommy's Dad wanted aboard HUNT, for her passion and for her vampire knowledge.

Other characters:

A local guy who works at the towns Café/restaurant, Good Food. He I known as a flirt to the ladies, anything for a tip. He is also Tommy's good friend, though, knows nothing about HUNT.

Played by Hunter Parish.

KURT, 19 (100), VAMPIRE.
Kurt is Ottis's right hand guy. He was 19 when made a vampire. He do whatever Ottis tells him to do. He is mostly quiet. Although, he fears HUNT.

Played by Christian Cooke.

The owner of Good Food and friend of Marie,. Sherri knows all about the creatures and HUNT. The SP drug is sometimes sold by Ottis and his workers there. Although she can't do much about it.

Played by Rutina Wesley.

Nott known yet. (Find out in pilot).

Played by Christina Ricci.

PILOT: Something New.

The series begin as two college students called my and Stu, head for a Nightclub called "Club". Amy asks if they can go to the alleyway where Amy is waiting for a package. Stu Asks if they can meet this person in the club. Amy declines, saying he s chicken. She runs off. Stu chases after her. The alleyway is dark. Stu calls out for Amy with no answer. He hears her scream and follows the sound. Stu sees Amy lying on the ground. He says, "Amy?". Amy get off the ground with a little giggle. She faces Stu to reveal her morphed Vampire face. She grabs him and bites his neck. Someone watches and grins, it is Kurt.

In the morning, Luke steps off a bus, wearing shades. He looks around and smiles at seeing his Sister, Marie, standing by her car. He walks over to her with two suitcases. Marie opens her trunk and helps Luke putts the cases inside. Marie tells Luke how sorry she is that his job and relationship didn't work out. Luke says he is fine and asks Marie if she has met Mr Right. Marie jokes "Not in a town like this".

Marie pulls up to the house she is staying at, their Aunts. Marie shows Luke to hiss room. She asks him how long he will be staying. Luke doesn't know and says he might try get work here. Marie tells him that isn't a good idea. Luke asks if she doesn't want him here, to which Marie declines and insists that he may not find work here.

Luke goes outside. He looks around the neighbourhood. It looks nice. He see's a girl sunbathing. It is Gale, Marie's next door neighbour. He waves over to her and walks over. He charm fully introduces himself. She takes off her shades and gives him a strong handshake. He says she's got a good grab. Gale explains she likes to workout. Luke ass if she lives alone, in which she asks why? ""Well your house is big for only you, an..". Gale cuts him off and says, "And can't afford it?". Luke turns away and embarrassedly laughs. Gale says the house was left to her. Luke asks her if there is anywhere good to eat. Gale says "Good Food", in town. Luke asks if she wants to come. Gale tells him he works fasts but Luke insists it is a friendly lunch, with Marie coming. Gale declines, saying she has a lot of work to do. Marie walks out of the house smiling until she looks over to the house across e road where a man stands and grins, Ottis. Marie shouts Luke over from the car. Ottis watches them leave.

At "Good Food", The owner, Sherri, is taking on her cell about the drink orders and how they are wrong. As she listens, she see's Kurt handing over the person sitting next to him, a brown envelope. Sherri knows what it is. As the person leaves, Sherri walks over and sits. "In the daylight? I thought Ottis said Nights", she tells him. Kurt tells her Ottis wants to sell SP all the time now, insisting HUNT catches them out at night more. Angry, she gets up and walks away. She bumps into Clay, who drops the glass he was carrying. Sherri apologies and goes to clean It up. Marie and Luke walk in. Clay grins and asks them to take a seat, before winking at Marie.

Outside an office, Tommy checks to see if his tie is looking ok. A woman walks out the office with a file. It s Linda. As they walk down the corridor, she hands him the file. Tommy opens it and takes out photos of Amy. Linda tells Tommy that Amy is one of the vampires who is selling the SSP drug. Tommy asks if they only sell to the supernatural. Linda tells him that humans buy it too but haves a different effect. Asking what, she explains human's get a high but the supernatural get stronger and also makes it harder to spot them.

Back at "Good Food", Marie and Luke talk about family. Sherri comes over to ask Marie if they can talk. Marie gets up as the two of them head towards the bar. Sherri tells Marie about Kurt selling here. Marie insists Sherri stays out of it as it will only anger Ottis. Clay asks Luke if he and Marie are together. Luke says he is her brother. Clay looks at look, he slowly leaves. Marie goes back over to Luke telling him she has to go but will drop him off at the house.

Inside a shop, Ruby puts away an old dusty book. Marie enters. Marie then tells her Ottis is now selling in the mornings, something Rudy told her he wouldn't do. Rudy tells her she will sort it out. She hands Marie a bag filled with ingredients. She tells her she can't yet as Luke is here. Rudy tells her she has to tell Luke, everything, including she is a witch. Marie tells her she is not sure how he will react.

At Marie's house, Luke reads the paper. He reads about a student found in an alleyway, saying it was an animal attack. Marie walks in and tells Luke. He says he might go for a jog later on. Marie tells him t's not a good idea. Luke asks why, to which Mare tells him it's not safe and tom trust her.

Later that night. Luke decides to go for a jog. He jogs pat the park until he spots, what looks a woman being attacked. Luke run over to help. The woman s Amy. She laughs as her face morphs to a vampire. Behind Luke, Kurt grins and also morphs. Luke looks frightened. Amy jumps and kicks him in the stomach. He falls. Kurt walks over. Luke pulls out a switchblade and stabs Luke in the leg. Luke falls back. Luke kicks Amy in the legs. Kurt gets back up and swings for Luke, but Luke Dugs and punches him. Luke runs off, but is chased by the two. From distant, Ottis watched and smiled as Luke shows skill.

Luke trips on a rock. Both Kurt and Amy stand over him and laugh. But is saved by a masked woman, who shows great fighting skills. She is able to push back Kurt a fair distance. She fights with Amy and is able to defeat her by using a crossbow. Kurt looks in fear and runs off. The woman looks at Luke, then runs off. Luke is still not sure what happened.

In the morning, Marie leaves the hospital to go home. At her car is Ottis. Marie asks what he wants. He replies "Your brother. Marie tells him to stay way from him and not to even talk to him. Ottis grins and tells her se can't tell him what to do, but he can tell her.

At the house, Luke waits for Marie at the table. She walks in. Luke asks her for the truth. She tells him she has no idea what he means, but he knows she knows. He tells her about the attack. Marie tells him the town is not normal and has creatures living in it. She also tells him about Ottis and his drug SP. Luke asks if she is involved. Marie assures him she isn't. Standing by her door, Ottis claps and tells Marie thanks for saving him the explanation. Ottis tells Luke he saw him in the park and likes his look. He says he needs a fresh face to sell and make his SP and to get HUNT off his back. Luke says no and tells him to go. Ottis looks at Marie and magically forces her over to him and takes old of her neck. Angry, Luke runs towards him but Ottis tells him it's not a good idea. He tells Luke he will work for him or Marie will get hurt. Luke has no choice and agrees.

Night at the Magic shop. Ottis enters. Rudy tells him to leave. Ottis tells her she is getting on his patience. Rudy tells him she may not be as powerful as him but she can hurt him. It is revealed that Ottis and Rudy have a son together ad that is the only reason he allows Ruby to get away with what she does. As Ruby pushes him to leave the door opens and a body falls to the ground. Sorry, got hungry." a woman says. Ottis looks an grins. "Sister, welcome home.". It is Winnney, she wipes the blood off her lips and grins.

Plot points through Series.

Luke learns about Marie and her being a witch. He is upset she kept it from him but understands. Winnney wants a cut on the SP and is willing to sell it too. HUNT figure out Winnney is Otis's sister and kidnaps her to get to him, but this was a plan by the two and Winnney takes out 5 members of the force. Linda spies on Luke, thinking he might be a werewolf. Luke discovers Gale is the woman who saved him that night and it is revealed her name is Dana and is a hunter. She tells him that Ottis knows what happened to her dad, but also tells him Ottis doesn't know who or that she is a hunter. Luke tells her about SP and how he is forced to make it. Rudy tells Luke about Ottis and how nothing can sop him, but reveals she is working non it.

Whinney decides to backstab Ottis by making a deal with Tommy and Linda, in exchange she is left alone.

Marie, Sherri and Ruby try to find ways that can weaken Ottis

Ottis discovers Winnney's betrayal and tries to et get rid of her. Winnney reveals if he does, she will go for his son.

It is revealed Tommy camouflage himself to backgrounds.
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Walter White

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PostSubject: Re: The Pilot Episodes   Sun Feb 23, 2014 11:05 am

Those are the 3 submissions.
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The Pilot Episodes
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» Nieuport Ni-24 pilot Lt.A.Jurkiewicz Poland 1919 - Roden 1/72

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